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April 25, 2022Russian FederationBlog

Why do I Write about Safety?

And why might you wish to do the same?

Why do I write about safety? And why might you wish to do the same? I started because I wanted to meet like-minded people. And I did! Writing brought me all of you, and I am very glad to share my thoughts and read yours. I continued, because I realized how good writing is for many of my skills. RESEARCH before writing something gives me new knowledge; PLANNING for what to write next - and, more importantly, planning for when I can do it, as I am a “soon to be immigrating, temporarily single mom, health, safety and environment manager”, i.e. always have something to do; GRAMMAR - I have chosen English for a wider audience, but also to keep practicing. Sorry for all the errors, by the way - I actually started learning English when I was 15, and I’ve never stopped ever since. EDITING is very important for your business communication and procedure writing. Can you make it shorter? Can you make it shorter again? Is it still clear? PROMOTING is another crucial skill if you are an OHS professional. We promote safety all the time - can you write a catchy post about it? And, of course, if you are looking for a job and want to get noticed for your skills and thoughts - writing is a great way to do it. One can feel anxious to begin writing for a huge audience of various people, such as LinkedIn or Facebook. So, here is an opportunity to practice it in a group of like-minded safety professionals. If you would like to try it - sign up at, and then write to David Jaenike at to get author's rights. I would love to read your first post there!