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March 25, 2022IndiaBlog

Grinder Machine Safety | Mechanical & Non-mechanical Hazards | Control Measures

Grinder machine Safety | What are the mechanical and Non-mechanical Hazards | Control Measures Before get into it we will know what is Hazard ? Hazard is something which has the potential to cause you harm. Classification of Hazards : Physical (e.g Electricity) Chemical ( e.g Cement ) Biological (e.g Hepatitis B Virus ) Ergonomics (e.g Bricklaying ) Psychological (e.g Work related stress ) Mechanical and Non-Mechanical Hazards As per BS EN ISO 12100:2010 Safety of Machinery The Hazards of machinery is divided into two parts : Mechanical hazards. Non-mechanical hazards. Mechanical Hazards : Mechanical hazards are mainly from contact with or being caught by dangerous moving parts. Such as : ⚠️ Cutting Hazard : contact is made with moving sharp-edged part such as a blade. ⚠️ Friction or Abrasion Hazard : when contact is made with fast moving surface which may be smooth. ⚠️ Ejection Hazard : when workers are hit by parts or objects flying out or off from machines. ⚠️ Entanglement Hazard : when clothing, hair or jewellery become caught in parts of a machine. ⚠️ Puncture Hazard : when sharp parts of machine or parts of material ejected from the machine and penetrate the body. 2 . Non-mechanical Hazards : Non-mechanical hazards are mainly from the power source or things emitted by the machine. Such as: ⚠️ Electricity Hazard : which may result in electric shock,burns , arcing or fire. ⚠️ Noise Hazard : which may cause hearing loss. ⚠️ Vibration Hazard : which may cause hand arm vibration syndrome. ⚠️ Dust Hazard : which is harmful if inhaled. ⚠️ Heat Hazard : as a result of accidental contact with hot blade. Protective Measures : For these Mechanical Hazards : ⚠️ Cutting Hazard ⚠️ Friction or Abrasion ⚠️ Ejection Hazard ⚠️ Entanglement Hazard ⚠️ Puncture Hazard We will provide Fixed, enclosing guards around the abrasive wheel and appreciate PPE to protect our workers such as: eye protection (impact-resistant ) For these Non-mechanical Hazards : ⚠️ Electrical Hazard ⚠️ Noise Hazard ⚠️ Vibration Hazard ⚠️ Dust Hazard ⚠️Heat Hazard We will provide appropriate PPE such as : earplugs or earmuffs , Dust Musk, grinding Gloves.