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Vinistal Lucas|👏1|615

March 22, 2022IndiaOpinion

Sharing your cv or resume in social groups equals throwing it in trash bins !

Yes ! of course you may get angry or may you have a different opinion on this, but let me share the reason why you should not share your cv or resume in social groups. In simple words be genuine and unique., There are millions of social media groups around us and thousands of people sharing their CVs or Resume in that group do you believe that all of them will be get hired? Seriously No!, Maybe by luck someone will get a job. I don't know why and how this culture has been started but anyhow see why we shouldn't do it with an example, A guy named Ramu owns a vegetable shop and waiting for customers to buy vegetables but unfortunately, the day was not good for him, No one bought his vegetables on the whole day., Finally, Ramu lost his patience, frustrated Ramu started throwing the vegetables away from the shop and the trespassers started picking the vegetables and that day Ramu profit is Zero! Now read the same example in another way, A guy named Ramu owns skills and waiting for companies to hire him but unfortunately, the tim was not good for him, No one provide job to him., Finally, Ramu lost his patience, frustrated Ramu started sending cv & Resume on social group, Some trespassers offered a job with low salary or a job which not suits for his skills! And also most of the HRs won't spent their time in WhatsApp groups instead they will be busy with their emails and Individual chats. In other words, if you are seeking for job, like you are asking permission to get inside someone's house (organisation) so you must knock on the door. But sharing CV & Resume in social groups is like they must knock your door which won't work at all times. The good way to approach for job is contacting them directly which also resembles the genuineness and uniqueness of you, so knock their door directly and get it what you need. ! By Vinistal Lucas