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March 20, 2022IndiaOpinion

Experience is Not equal to Competence !

Experience is Not Equal to Competence! Yes! Of Course, you may amazed because of the statement but why? - let me share my thoughts here! When I got my first job in a wind turbine generator erection company as a health and safety officer obviously as a fresher I am not competent enough with crane operations and safety., so I asked a senior officer to help me for making a crane lifting plan and permit who has years of experience in crane operations but instead of teaching me, he said me to copy the old one, Which is ridiculous because, for every lifting operations, the position, the load, the location even maybe the crane will be changed then how can we copy the old one?. I am not saying that experience is nothing or experienced persons are incompetent! there or many experienced competent professionals around the world. An experienced person must be competent enough to teach others as well, else those experiences are useless! Let me make you understand with an example, Standing inside a river without knowing swimming and taking bath for more than 10 years is also an experience but Knowing swimming is called competence. In sea ( Critical situation ) the competent person can survive but the other one can't! Now I hope you understand why experience is not equal to competence, So I decided to learn those things on my own and I did it as well obviously, those crane lifting calculations are very interesting ones even I have more to learn in them. But this incident motivated me to learn more things on my own instead of seeking help or making shortcuts like copying the old one. If you want to be competent in professional life don't stop learning. Learning is a continual process until we die we are meant to learn something. By Vinistal Lucas