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David Jaenike

April 17, 2021United StatesOpinion

Group chat is lit

Power of the group text

No I’m not talking about the 15 person in-law group chat, though I’m sure that one gets lively too. This one would ideally have a few other safety pros, and (hopefully) sits near the top of your inbox. Most safety professionals either work alone, or with one or two other people within their company. Depending on your situation it can be a very lonely field, so having a group of like-minded individuals to confide with can be an incredibly powerful resource to pull from.

My experience

I wasn’t involved with a group text until I started working on Safety Knights with a few other safety professionals. This direct communication feed was one of the first things we found was necessary to actually build the platform. Not only did the group chat help build up Safety Knights, but it gave all of us a secure outlet to collaborate on safety issues we were seeing in our day jobs. This type of collaboration only works in a private medium, as revealing sensitive information on mainstream social media can often get you in trouble.

How to find one

There are a few smaller communities that support networking between safety professionals (insert plug) that can help you network with safety professionals. You can also find a community at a local ASSP chapter, or even on mainstream social media if you’re lucky. I would be remiss if I didn’t shout out Safety Justice League for making me think of this topic. The SJL team was talking about their group chat in their “Year One” podcast episode. If you’re not connected with other safety professionals please consider joining a network!

Safety Justice League: Year one

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