The author:

Brandy Bossle

March 5, 2021

The Queen’s Gambit

Have you seen this Netflix original show? It’s about a girl who is an orphan and grows up to be an amazing chess player. She learns all about chess from the maintenance man at her orphanage. Instead of singing songs, she is in the basement with the maintenance guy learning the techniques of Chess. She beats all the boys in Chess and then even goes up against the Russians, who are the best at Chess. An underlying theme of the show is about how the Russians work together to beat other countries. They collaborate with each other and strategize on how they have beaten others in the game of Chess. Yet in America we want to be a solo artist. We do not want help from others, we want to show that we did it on our own, whatever that may be. And that got me thinking about the safety profession. Safety professionals are willing to collaborate with each other on solutions because we know at the end of the day, it will benefit employees and their safety. So often if I need help With a safety issue, and I ask other safety professionals for their input, they are always willing to help and share their expertise. That’s one thing I really love about this industry is we constantly are trying to help each other because our end goal is the same, and that is ensuring employees go home safe to their families and friends every day.

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