The author:

Brandy Bossle

February 19, 2021

Renovation Show Safety

I was recently watching a renovation show and was thinking about the lack of safety that goes on with the contractors. Even the basics - why aren't they wearing safety glasses when they are knocking out bricks? Another example: They were cutting concrete walls with a powered saw. There was literally a cloud of dust around this man and he did not even have a respirator on. HELLO, Silica? Ever heard of it? Why isn't anyone telling this man that silica is a carcinogen and an awesome control method for that risk is using wet methods? It would make his job so much safer! Next: Hi, hello! That is popcorn ceiling. This house was built in 1972. We are supposed to presume any suspect materials in houses built before 1981 as asbestos-containing, and popcorn ceiling is suspect! They should have gotten that tested before making it friable and airborne ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Come on now! You are potentially causing harm to others that enter the house. These people need more training for renovations. Last: The realtor came in to look at the house renovation with her hard hat on the wrong way. She was talking to a contractor that had his on the right way - why didn't he tell her that it isn't the proper way to wear her hard hat? We should normalize informing other people of when we see something unsafe, we should say something. See something, say something! Be on the lookout next time you watch renovation shows. I bet you can spot at least 3 safety hazards! Make it a fun game with your safety friends! Anyways, follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @SafetyBran . I would also love it if you followed Triangle Safety Consulting LLC on all socials (Twitter, Linked In, & Instagram). I provide valuable EHS Content that you'll appreciate! I also post a monthly newsletter and you can sign up here: Thank you for the support! Go here to read more of my blogs: Paypal if you're feeling generous:

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